Summer 2018 Special Talks

On the first Wednesday of each month, we put on a series of special talks looking at a range of subjects.

These will be held at 8pm at North Ascot Community Centre, Fernbank Road, Ascot, SL5 8LA.

The virgin Mary: From the birth of Jesus until today
Wednesday 4th July

The young Jewish woman who gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, two thousand years ago clearly holds a unique position in the Bible record. This talk will examine what we know about this woman from the Gospel texts and whether the incredible claims made about her since have any justification. Could it be possible that she is the most misunderstood of all Bible characters?.

Does life have a purpose?
Wednesday 1st August

So what is the point of it all? Why do we get out of bed in the morning, work hard all day, fall asleep, then do it all again tomorrow? Is it all a waste of time? Is life a futile existence with nothing but a tombstone to show for it at the end. The Good News is that the God who made the earth and created life on it, did so for a reason. When we understand that purpose, and come to share in it, our lives take on a new meaning – a real reason to get out of bed in the morning. That’s what this talk is about.

One Bible – different interpretations: Does it matter?
Wednesday 5th September

There are many churches in modern times that offer very different versions of Christianity practiced; there are many doctrines and different ways that people choose to worship. With so many different Churches with different doctrines, it can become confusing! Does it matter what you believe and is there only one doctrine? God tells us through His word, the Bible, that there is only one doctrine and one truth. This talk seeks to set out God’s teaching from the Bible to help you decide.