Spring 2017 special talks

On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be putting on a series of special talks looking at a range of subjects.

These will be held at 8pm at The New Priestwood Community Centre, Priestwood Court Road, Bracknell, RG42 1TU.

A New Start
Wednesday 4th January

Sometimes a change in direction is essential for our long-term benefit. People often make commitments to change behaviour to improve their diet, or to do more exercise, but our spiritual health is even more important. God calls on all of us to change direction by turning to Him. This presentation will consider how individuals in the Bible responded to that call to change, what the new direction involves, and why the decision is of critical importance for all of us.

Financial problems: God’s solutions
Wednesday 1st February

Financial problems of different kinds affect many people on a personal level and also present major challenges on a global scale. With these themes in mind, this talk will encompass Bible teaching about care for the poor, present the case that there are more important things in life than wealth, and explore God’s wonderful promise of a coming Kingdom on Earth, which will be the ultimate solution to all mankind’s problems – financial and otherwise.

‘The politics of hope’
Wednesday 1st March

‘The politics of hope’ is a phrase often used by politicians and political commentators. But after a seismic year and in a national and global political climate that is more uncertain than ever, what will the future bring? This talk will discuss the current political arena and present the truly hopeful ‘politics’ of the coming Kingdom of God by looking at the message and teaching of Jesus Christ.