Late Spring 2017 Special Talks

On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be putting on a series of special talks looking at a range of subjects.

These will be held at 8pm at North Ascot Community Centre, Fernbank Road, Ascot, SL5 8LA.

The Bible and our community
Wed 5th April

How well do you know your neighbours? What do our relationships with our communities say about our modern lives and our society’s foundations? The Bible is a handbook for getting to know God, and contains timeless good advice about living alongside, loving and caring for all those around us. The example and teaching of Jesus often confounded those that observed him – he regularly stepped beyond the social expectations of the time and acted with compassion to those from all walks of life. What can those examples teach us today?


Finding peace in a frantic world
Wed 3rd May

Ever felt that your life is out of your control? Pressures of work, social media and traffic seem to bombard us daily. This talk will show how the real meaning of life is explained to us in the Bible – which tells us why we are here, and how we can eliminate the things which are stressful and unnecessary. If we focus on the things which are really important, our lives can be guided by God; we can be part of His eternal plan and find peace both today and in the future.

Genesis: Scripture’s firm foundation
Wed 7th June

Genesis, the book of beginnings, is the foundation on which the rest of the Bible is built. Vital Biblical principles have their origins in Genesis, and key characters such as Jesus and Paul relied on it in their teaching. This talk will conduct a scriptural survey of how early Genesis is quoted and used throughout the rest of the Bible, from Exodus
to Revelation, to illustrate the fundamental importance of the foundation book of the word of God.