We hold public talks in our local hall on Sundays. Talks are scheduled on a six-monthly basis and cover a wide range of subjects. We welcome all to join us:

Date Time Title Category
02-Jul 2:30 PM What do Angels do? First Principle
09-Jul 10:00 AM Bible teaching about Syria
16-Jul 2:30 PM Why is Jesus important? First Principle
23-Jul 10:00 AM Heaven & Hell – what does the Bible say? First Principle
30-Jul 10:00 AM Prophecies in Daniel
06-Aug 2:30 PM Why should I care about the Bible? Big Question
13-Aug 10:00 AM Where did Jesus come from?
20-Aug 2:30 PM What do we actually know about God? First Principle
27-Aug 10:00 AM How did the Bible come to be? Why believe the Bible
03-Sep 2:30 PM Risen
10-Sep 10:00 AM Fake news, real news
17-Sep 2:30 PM A brief history of time
24-Sep 10:00 AM Is there more to life? Big Question
01-Oct 10:00 AM Who are the Christadelphians? Finchampstead Memorial Hall, The Village, Wokingham RG40 4JU
8-Oct 10:00 AM The Bible and creation Why believe the Bible
15-Oct 2:30 PM Why is Abraham still relevant? First Principle
22-Oct 10:00 AM Israel 100 years on – where next?
 29-Oct 10:00AM The race for eternal life
05-Nov 2:30 PM Be on fire for God
12-Nov 10:00 AM Why does God allow suffering? Big Question
19-Nov 2:30 PM Evidence that Jesus lived Why believe the Bible
26-Nov 10:00 AM First century Christianity
03-Dec 2:30 PM Finding the way with Jesus
10-Dec 10:00 AM The evidence that Jesus will return soon First Principle
17-Dec 2:30 PM What will happen: From Jesus’ return to Judgement Day First Principle
24-Dec 10:00 AM How can I live forever? First Principle 
 31-Dec 10:00 AM  The Bible: Guide to life or politically incorrect? Big Question 

First Principle: The first principles are the core Bible Teachings. Christadelphians believe that these are necessary for salvation.

Why believe the Bible: In these days and times a number of people say that we should not believe the Bible. These talks outline some of the reasons why the Bible is still important.

Big Question: There are a number of big questions to which the Bible can offer an answer. These talks aim to deal with these questions.

Bible Study Class

On Wednesday evenings we meet to hold a Bible Study Class at 8pm. Here Bible topics will often be investigated in more detail, helping to ensure that we correctly understand God’s message. This is a principle that was encouraged by the early Christians. The Apostle Paul in Acts Ch 17 notes the following of a group that met in Berea (Northern Greece): “they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.”

As with all our meetings, all are welcome to attend.

The Memorial Service

Each Sunday morning we meet together at 11:15am to share bread and wine, as Jesus commanded, to remember his life of perfect obedience to God and that he laid down his life for us. Taking the emblems or the memorial service is usually known as communion. Only baptised Christadelphians share in this symbol of remembrance as part of our Sunday service. For those who do not share Bible beliefs as understood by the Christadelphians (and are also baptised) it is not suitable to share in the bread and wine. However we warmly encourage you to come and worship with us and listen to words of encouragement brought out from the Bible.

Special Talks

On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be putting on a series of special talks looking at a range of subjects.

These will be held at 8pm at North Ascot Community Centre, Fernbank Road, Ascot, SL5 8LA.


Why is baptism important?
Wednesday 2nd August

Among Jesus’ last words to his disciples before he ascended unto heaven were: ‘He who believes and is baptised will be saved’. Jesus himself was baptised and his followers later baptised thousands of other people. But what does baptism actually mean and why is it relevant today? This talk will look at Old Testament concepts linking to baptism as well as New Testament teaching and examples relating to this important subject, and conclude – as Jesus did – that baptism is essential for salvation.

The reliability of the Bible
Wednesday 13th September

Why can we trust the Bible and its contents? Has it been preserved accurately over the years? This talk will examine these topics and review some of the compelling evidence underpinning the scriptures, in order to assess the Bible’s claim to be the word of God. We will also explore how the Bible grew and was validated, look at reasons to believe the Bible, and consider how it can be relied on to help us in our lives today.