We hold public talks in our local hall on Sundays. Talks are scheduled on a six-monthly basis and cover a wide range of subjects. We welcome all to join us:



Date Time Title Category
06-Jan 2:30 PM Who are the Angels? First Principle 
13-Jan 10:00 AM The Kingdom of God in the past First Principle 
20-Jan 2:30 PM What was 1st century Christianity like?
27-Jan 10:00 AM Is your reward in Heaven? First Principle
03-Feb 2.30 PM Bible teaching about the Virgin Mary
10-Feb 10:00 AM How did the Bible come to us? Why believe the Bible
17-Feb 2.30 PM The Biblical origin of the universe Big Question 
24-Feb 10:00 AM One Bible – many churches. Why?
03-Mar 2.30 PM When will Jesus return? First Principle
10-Mar 10:00 AM What does Jerusalem have to do with the Bible?
17-Mar 2.30 PM Do we have the Holy Spirit? First Principle
24-Mar 10:00 AM Our relationship with the State
31-Mar 10:00 AM The real God of the Bible First Principle
07-Apr 2.30 PM God’s view of antisemitism
14-Apr 10:00 AM The Bible & modern health & hygiene Why believe the Bible
21-Apr 2.30 PM How should a Christian behave? First Principle
28-Apr 10:00 AM Why should I choose Christianity? Why believe the Bible
05-May 2:30 PM The lead up to Judgment Day First Principle
12-May 10:00 AM Why the Bible is still important Why believe the Bible
19-May 2:30 PM God’s promises to Abraham First Principle
26-May 10:00 AM What is the Kingdom of God? First Principle
02-Jun 2:30 PM Evidence that God exists – Prophecy Why believe the Bible
09-Jun 10:00 AM What does the Bible tell us about sin? First Principle
16-Jun 2:30 PM Aspiring to Godliness: Personal transformation
23-Jun 10:00 AM The Bible in the news Why believe the Bible
30-Jun 10:00 AM Hope for the future First Principle

First Principle: The first principles are the core Bible Teachings. Christadelphians believe that these are necessary for salvation.

Why believe the Bible: In these days and times a number of people say that we should not believe the Bible. These talks outline some of the reasons why the Bible is still important.

Big Question: There are a number of big questions to which the Bible can offer an answer. These talks aim to deal with these questions.

Bible Study Class

On Wednesday evenings we meet to hold a Bible Study Class at 8pm. Here Bible topics will often be investigated in more detail, helping to ensure that we correctly understand God’s message. This is a principle that was encouraged by the early Christians. The Apostle Paul in Acts Ch 17 notes the following of a group that met in Berea (Northern Greece): “they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.”

As with all our meetings, all are welcome to attend.

The Memorial Service

Each Sunday morning we meet together at 11:15am to share bread and wine, as Jesus commanded, to remember his life of perfect obedience to God and that he laid down his life for us. Taking the emblems or the memorial service is usually known as communion. Only baptised Christadelphians share in this symbol of remembrance as part of our Sunday service. For those who do not share Bible beliefs as understood by the Christadelphians (and are also baptised) it is not suitable to share in the bread and wine. However we warmly encourage you to come and worship with us and listen to words of encouragement brought out from the Bible.

Special Talks

On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be putting on a series of special talks looking at a range of subjects.

These will be held at 8pm at North Ascot Community Centre, Fernbank Road, Ascot, SL5 8LA.


Starting the New Year with God
Wednesday 2nd January

A new year is often a time for reflection on our lives. It’s a time when we might make resolutions, when we think about how we can be better than last year. This talk will explore these ideas using the Bible as our guide, consider what living life as a follower of God means in today’s world and look at what he has promised to those who do so.

Why life can only get better: a Bible-based perspective
Wednesday 6th February

Life can be described as a voyage with staging posts along the way. The Bible has a compelling perspective on this journey and an optimistic assessment of the final destination. Come and explore it with us.

The Bible: a real help in your life
Wednesday 6th March

The Bible can give real comfort and guidance and is available to anyone and everyone in whatever circumstance they find themselves. Jesus said “come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. This talk will look at the way these words work, in a practical way, in today’s modern world and are truly able to help those in need. They have a relevance for all seeking a clear direction and meaning in their life.