Bible Seminars

We are pleased to announce three special talks in February looking at a range of subjects:

Wed 3 Feb: Prophecy
Why we can believe in God and trust the Bible

This opening seminar will examine a number of remarkable biblical prophecies that have come true to the last detail.

The range and scope of fulfilled Bible prophecies are extraordinary – some concern individuals, others relate to places, and many are about nations and empires spanning the centuries.

Humanly speaking, at times it seemed impossible for some of these events to come to pass – yet the fact that they did demonstrates the Bible’s divine origin, reliability and power to save.

Wed 10 Feb: Signs of the times
A world in chaos replaced by Jesus’ reign on earth

This second session considers exciting prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled, such as the return of Jesus to earth to establish God’s everlasting kingdom.

‘Signs of the times’ includes the type of society we live in, the state of politics around the world and the behaviour of nations surrounding Israel.

We will look at some of the signs recorded in the Bible that we recognise in current events. These signs help us understand the world we live in today and when we can expect the remaining prophecies to be fulfilled.

Wed 17 Feb: Baptism
Why is baptism important for us today?

Having considered why we can believe the Bible by looking at fulfilled prophecies, and having looked at what the Bible tells us about the return of Jesus and the subsequent Kingdom of God, we turn our attention to what the Bible tells us we must do to gain entry to this kingdom.

This talk will consider why we need to be baptised and the symbolic links between baptism and the death and resurrection of Jesus. We will also explore what the act of being baptised actually involves.

Each session will begin at 8pm and end no later than 9pm. The talks will be held at our hall at 37 Bay Road, Bracknell, RG12 2NS.

These talks are presented in a friendly, relaxed way with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The seminars are open to all whether you are new to Bible reading or have read your Bible for years: there’s always something new to learn!

All talks are completely free of charge. You will never be asked for money or to make a donation of any kind. You are under no obligation. No-one will put you under pressure to join us against your will during or after the course.
No registration is necessary – simply turn up for a warm welcome.